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iOS jailbreaking dates back to the original iPhone in July 2007 and has continued into the present day

System Info - 1.2.1

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Device info added to General > About 

System Info adds a bunch of information about your device

to your settings app's 'About' section(Setting > General > About).

It also makes it possible to save SHSH2 on-device,

without you having to enter any information.

Just swipe left on the ECID cell and it'll give you the option

System Info

- Public IP
- Root partition capacity
- Rear camera serial number
- Front camera serial number
- Gyroscope model
- Accelerometer model
- Compass model
- Pressure sensor model
- ECID in hexadecimal
- Device identifier
- Hardware platform/BoardConfig
- Regulatory model number/A-number
- Battery capacity left
- Battery Serial number
- Battery cycle count
- Charger current(drawing)
- Charger specs (volts, amps, watts)
- Uptime
- Application processor name
- Kernel version
- iBoot version
- Wi-Fi firmware version
- Baseband chipset


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